Posted by zchelle Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pre-eclampsia is a hypertensive disorders complicating pregnancies are common and form one of the deadly triad, along with hemorrhage and infection.

Symptoms of Pregnancy Induced HPN
1. Gestational Hypertension is characterized by a BP of 140/90 or systolic pressure elevated 30 mmHg or diastolic pressure elevated 15 mmHg above.
2. Mild Preeclampsia - BP 140/90; proteinuria of 1-2+ on a random sample; 2lbs/wk weight gain in 2nd trimester and 1 lb/wk weight gain in 3rd trimester.
3. Severe Preeclampsia - BP 160/110; proteinuria 3-4+ on a random sample.
4. Eclampsia, there is seizure or coma accompanied by signs and symptoms of preeclampsia
These signs will lead to eclampsia... pls be aware of these manifestation
1. BP >160
2. proteinuria 3+ 4+
3. Blurring of vision
4. Right upper quadrant.